Amazing Dive Stories – featuring  Punta Dive’s Nick Thompson

Punta Dive co-owner and all round good bloke Nick Thompson is once again being published. Known to many as ‘Nick the Fish’ a pseudonym for his popular ‘Motion of the Ocean’ column in the free weekly newspaper, the Ibiza Sun. His many light-hearted stories and views have entertained legions of fans.

Now he’s in print again! This time in a collection of thrilling diving stories compiled by John Bantin, dive journalist extraordinaire.

In his account Nick is surrounded by sharks

Nick recalls his most interesting dive back in Australia – being in a vortex and surrounded by dozens and dozens of sharks.

There’s everything from classic tales of wreck discoveries to encounters with
beautiful and bizarre creatures beneath the waves. There are stories of death
and disaster as well as bravery and triumph. Each tale has been chosen to stoke
the fire of divers everywhere and some are illustrated with colour photographs.

Take the plunge and read about the diver who discovered how to put sharks in a
trance and the marine biologist who lost a limb trying to proving that sharks
were safe to swim with. There’s the tale behind the Red Sea’s most famous
wreck, as well the Titanic’s sister ship that keeps claiming divers’ lives.
Read about the politician attacked by a turtle, the saltwater crocodile that
lost a sub–aqua scuffle and the eel feeding frenzy that almost claimed a life.

The exciting and the extreme rub shoulders with more poetic pieces about the
people and places that make up the folklore of this fascinating sport, and some are even brought to life by the author’s photography.

Now available - "Amazing Dive Stories"

This global tour takes you everywhere: from Indonesia to the Caribbean and from the chill waters of Northern
Europe to the reefs of the Pacific. Stories of technical pioneers
are accompanied by quirky tales of adventure beneath the waves.

Every ocean of the world is explored making this essential reading–or a
wonderful gift–for divers everywhere.


Available from all good bookshops, Diver Magazine and Amazon.