Since the sinking of the Don Pedro in July 2007 there has been a lot of speculation on the effects it would have on tourism and more importantly the environment of the waters surrounding Ibiza.

When the answer finally arrived that the Don Pedro would stay put it sent a wave through the tourism industry of Ibiza, however this wave has turned into a trickle because people have been too concerned with the current economic crisis in the world and have shied away from investing into marketing and publicity.

For years there had been an underlying tone about revamping tourism on the sunny island but there wasn’t anything else that Ibiza could offer except for its famous nightlife.

Punta Dive, Ibiza biggest dive group since 2008 has financed several dive magazines from around Europe to come out and do articles on the Monster of the Med and has had a good response however these articles are only on the stands for a month at a time and like all forms of advertising they can only be reached by the people who see them.

Ibiza is in serious need of a promotion campaign that will touch the broader audience and show that Ibiza has more to offer than its world famous discos.

The Don Pedro could be just this attraction that Ibiza needs, as the diver market is ever growing and the majority of divers are fanatics especially those who dive in cold water ever weekend in the cold lakes and quarries’ of Europe.

Just 2 hours flying time from most parts of Europe and with Ryan Air flying 3 times a week form Stanstead in the winter Ibiza and the Don Pedro would become a natural destination for these hardy divers who are use to diving in cold waters.

exploring the don pedroIn 1980 the Zenobia a ferry sank on her maiden voyage out of the sleepy fishing village of Larnaca in Cyprus and helped reform tourism on the island. And to this day has clubs from Europe diving her week in week out through the whole year. Apart from the Zenobia, Cyprus as a dive destination has nothing to offer and only in recent years has Ayia Napa has become a party hotspot.

Punta Dive is looking for the Don Pedro to become widely known and believes with this one ship wreck could help reform Ibiza and attract tourism from another sector of the market that it really doesn’t touch.

Ibiza is in such a unique position in that divers who normally travel in groups whether it be family of other divers are natural explores and once here will help fuel the economy as well as other local business that are reliant on tourism for their way of life.

Also we would like to thank all the people who showed up fro the FREE Discover Scuba Diving course held last week. It was a great result and we made some new friends who are now well on their way to becoming certified divers.

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Look forward to seeing you underwater soon,
Nick the fish……