Hi, my name is Lupe, I am Professional Photographer for more than 10 years now.

I used to work in publicity; fashion photography studios and a specialist in Photoshop (retouch; post-production program). I lived in cities like London, Paris, Brussels… but I felt I was reaching out for something more, I always missed something… the Ocean. One day, I decided come back to the calm of the Mediterranean Sea where I was born. From 2011, I am Underwater Photographer. Now I’m mixing the “Land Photography” experience with the Underwater Life, capturing amazing shots with wonderful lights, landscapes and awesome decoration that the ocean is providing to us.

The photography  is my life and the sea is my passion.  So, I participate in some projects of recuperation of species in Ibiza and I have a Permanent exhibition of Ibiza’s sea life in the Aquarium Cap Blanc in San Antonio [Ibiza], where you can visit every day and see the different species that the island has to offer, we also try to help people understand and take more care of our oceans.

This summer you can take advantage of the Underwater Photography Service I am providing at PUNTA DIVE Cala Martina where I will be with you in the ocean, capturing your best moments on your dives!!

Check out my website and look some examples of my underwater view!!!

See you underwater….Good bubbles!!!

Lupita Faet