Next to the paid-for, straight forward professional diving courses, Punta Dive also offers Divemaster and Instructor internships. These are always tailor made packages (depending on your current level of scuba diving), but they generally follow a predesigned path.

These internships consist of gradually gaining experience in scubadiving and in working in a divecentre. The working and learning overlap in an environment where no day is the same. Included in the packages are course materials, course fees and food/accommodation. Excluded are fees to be paid directly to PADI. During the internship you will be rewarded with the Divemaster or PADI Instructor certification and loads of experience. The Divemaster Internship covers all courses needed to become a PADI Divemaster and the Instructor internship consists of the PADI Instructor Development Course.

As a Divemaster or Instructor intern, you will work alongside our highly experienced Divemasters and Instructors learning as you go.

Being a part of our team, we do not just accept everybody into our internships. If you are interested in participating, we strongly recommend you also read the “jobs” section or our website.


If you want a kick-start into the world of PADI Professionals and think you are up to the task, please send us an email with your motivation, CV and photo and we’ll will get back to you as soon as possible.