Hi, Tilly again,

You may remember me from my open water blog. Since then I’ve gone on to complete my PADI Advanced Open Water course with Punta Dive. There are different options to choose within this course and you have to complete five of them.

I began with the navigation course, in this I had to learn to navigate underwater using both natural references and also using a compass. It was great fun getting lost and finding my way back.

Next I continued on to do a night dive!!! I was very nervous about this but when I got under the water it was by far my most favourite part of the advanced course. It was fantastic seeing the different night life underwater.

My third part of the advanced open water course was search and recovery. In this I was taught several different search patterns and different knots to tie before being shown methods to remove an item from the water. Again this was great fun searching for a lost item in the water.

Next was a wreck dive where I had to explore and look out for any dangers the wreck may pose.

Fifth and finally I did a deep dive, in which I was shown how depth can affect certain things such as colour.

Overall, it was a great course, full of several fun dives and I’d recommend it to anyone. Now I just want to continue with all the other courses such as fish identification, underwater photography and drift diving.