As the weather improves again, ever greater numbers of people will enjoy their first time underwater. Most of the time this is because they want to see what the underwater world has to offer them and to enjoy the incredible freedom weightlessness gives you. To increase this freedom even more, Punta Dive has teamed up with PETER diving to offer a brand new and exciting experience to first-timers. With this new system the scuba tank stays on a raft on the surface, which leaves you without a heavy tank or BCD. This new system is extremely usefull for children and people that want to have as much freedom of movement as possible while diving. Being able to sustain 3 divers, one of these units is perfecty suited for a family diving tour! Taking away some of the equipment needed in ‘old school scubadiving’ also means a great reduction in theory needed for the dive (and thus increasing the FUN factor….) Operating a new system also means some serious training to get our Instructors and Divemasters ready to teach this exciting new way of diving. As of now we are proud to say we have 5 new PETER diving guides in our staff, ready to get you as close to being a dolphin as humanly possible! We would like to congratulate Carolina, Adam, Seb, Davy and Jason on becoming PETER guides, and hope to see you in one of our centers to give this new way of diving a try.

Here are some of the responses of our staff after completing their PETER guide training:

‘What an experience! PETER diving gives you lot’s of freedom, what a great dive’

‘Great experience! You’ve got so much freedom to move around…..’

‘The feeling of weightlessness was really amazing.You really do feel free when using this equipment and I would recommend PETER diving to my family as well as yours.’