Below you can find some of the most amazing divesites Ibiza has on offer.

Please beware that for some sites (Don Pedro, The FishFarm, Dado Pequeño) we have to charge 5,23€ per day for marine reserve entrance fees.


One of 2 dive sites on our house reef, The Light house is teeming with life. It get’s it’s name from a sunken lighthouse dropping from 6m down to 14m. Schools of banded bream shelter here alongside many of the smaller varieties.
Continue along the wall which stretches from 12m to 20m or more and you’ll find a great variety of marine animals including large schools of barracuda, chromis, gold-line and bream. Usually there are plenty of Morays and Octopus to be discovered in the many rock ledges and boulders.
Occasionally, if you are lucky we have seen rays and dolphins here too!




The second of the 2 dive sites on our house reef, the Chimenea lies on the outside of the reef and therefore offer more depth. This site starts at 8m then drops off in steps down to 35m. Posedonia grass interspersed with sandy patches and rock outcrops offers interesting diving. from around 15m rising to 8m there is a chimney to explore with a variety of soft encrusting sponges inside.
Normally you’ll encounter many Moray Eels, Octopus, and Barracuda as well as the usual Wrasse, Bream and Perch.

Punta Dive Chimenea













Redona Island is a varied and interesting dive site just 3 minutes a way from the dive centre. An excellent dive for all levels comprising a 6-metre plateau and 25-metre drop off where you will find the remains of a recent shipwreck. Add to this swim through, over hangs with soft corals and sponges and schools of sea bream- a wonderful dive.



One of the most sought after dives on the east coast of the island. A short 15 minutes boat ride a way you will find the beach of Cala Llonga.
At the entry of the Cala on the south side you will find the cathedral. After bottoming out at 15 meters you swim along the wall until you find the entry to the cave at a maximum of 8 meters depth. As you enter you will find that it is a huge cave that you are able to ascend into and surface. There is a large air pocket in the cave where you can remove your mask and regulator. Here you will find stalactites and amazing rock formations. When leaving the Cathedral you will notice the huge contrast between the darkness of the cave and the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean. This is a dive people come back year after year to dive.

Punta Dive-3481












The next beach down from Cala Llonga this is also a cave dive with a maximum depth of 20 meters.
At Cala Olivera you will dive in a unique dive zone with loads of life in totally clear water. The dive site outside the cave is excellent but it isn’t until you enter into the cave that you will find the real magic of Cala Olivera. It has 3 entries and a chimney system that is fantastic to dive through.
Cala Olivera is an excellent dive for all levels of divers as it has everything you would want when you dive in Ibiza.



This dive is for the experienced as there is depth and the potential to stay there all day, as there is so much to see.

Located on the way to Formentera you will find La Platforma, a fish factory that collapsed in a storm and resembles a sunken oil platform.

Since this day Ibiza has a world-class dive site. In 35 meters of water the fish factory is full of Barracuda (varying between 500-1000) and if you look in and around the platform you will find conger eels, moray eels and lobster. This dive take 25 minutes to get to in our fast RIB and is a must dive for any diver who wants to find depth and life.



Only a 20 minute boat ride form the biggest ship wreck in the Mediterranean the “Don Pedro” is a must for all divers with Advanced Open Water or higher. With a depth ranging from 25 metres until 45 metres this “Monster of the Med” is full of life and with crystal clear water and no currents the “Don Pedro” has been named as one of the top 100 dives in the world and one of the top 10 wreck dives in the world.

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An excellent dive to help test your skills.
With a maximum depth of 10 meters we like to go here when we are doing courses as the protection this site offers allows us to perform skills in its calm water. Once the skills are finished the dive sites allows you to explore its
many hidden secrets.



With 2 huge anchors located on its sandy bottom this dive site makes you feel like a real explorer.
Tagomago has several areas to dive depending on your level and there are many steps that can take you down to 40 metres.













This dive site is exposed to the open seas and also the wind. On a perfect day this dive site is worth the 20 minutes spent to get there. As it is in open water you will find bigger fish such as barracudas and groupers.














The lighthouse of Tagomago is a deep dive for the experienced only. You are able to find real depth at this site that goes down to a maximum depth of 47 meters. The vertical wall is from a rockslide that has opened up holes in and around the wall where you will find lobster and octopus.



At this site you will find an interesting shipwreck that is still very much intact.A maximum depth of 20 meters you will find conger eels occupying the wreck, with a family of groupers guarding the wreck like it’s their own.



Santa Eulalia island is a must see if you only have time for 1 dive on your holiday. A maximum depth of 25 meters it has many platforms with a wide variety of sea life. Depending on conditions St. Eulalia Island offers you 10 different dive zones that all vary in its topography.

Sta eulalia island Ibiza













Llado Norte is a pinnacle rising 40 meters from the ocean floor. After an easy decent you will find the first plateau meets you at around 10 meters. It is here that you will find an abundance of Mediterranean fauna and many species of sea life. In and around Llado Norte there is a lot to see but if you were to look seaward you can find schools of barracuda and larger groupers feeding.

A very enjoyable dive site that is well protected on all sides.

Llado Norte Ibiza














The second point of the pinnacle Llado. Llado Sur is a different experience all together. It has a large dive able crack running straight through the island from North to South.
It is in the crack that you will find moray, octopus and other usual Mediterranean Sea life.
However like its cousin Llado Norte you will find barracuda and grouper swimming and feeding on the seaward sides.

Llado Sur













Dado Pequeño is a dive that is worth the trip.
Often noted, as an excellent dive Dado is the home to thousands of creatures of many sizes and varieties, Barracuda, Goldline, Fire worms, Morays etc. It has interesting topography with good depth and visibility. Dado Pequeño  is a 5 star dive
and a unique experience in the waters around Ibiza.

Dado Pequeno














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This dive site’s depth ranges from 17-33 meters.
It has a cave in excellent condition that is inhabited by large moray eels.
An excellent dive site for your advance course as it is protected and has a lot of varied life.


Punta Grosa is a great wall dive that will excite all levels of divers.
With a maximum depth of 33 meters you will find a wide variety of life in its small crevices.
Guaranteed to find octopus and moray eels you will enjoy this dive because of the variety it has to offer.


Please contact us for further details on any of these dive sites.

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